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These files and documents originate from Jay Smith - well-known educator and historian on Islam and the Bible.  Visit his website for more current information if you want to study further.

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101CNTRA: "101 CLEARED UP CONTRADICTIONS OF THE BIBLE": Answers to 101 supposed contradictions Muslim’s find in the Bible.   file_image.cmp

6BELIEFS: "SIX MUSLIM BELIEFS (IMAN) AND A CHRISTIAN'S RESPONSE": A Christian rebuttal to the Muslim's "Statement of Faith."   file_image.cmp

ANSISLAM: "‘ANSWERING ISLAM’ CONFERENCE NOTES": The official notes which are handed out to students who attend the ‘Answering Islam’ day-long conference, covering ten areas of interest.   file_image.cmp

ATRCTION: "THE ATTRACTION OF ISLAM AND A CHRISTIAN'S RESPONSE": A critical analysis of the twelve most common reasons people convert to Islam.   file_image.cmp

BIBLE: "THE BIBLE": An historical/critical analysis of the Bible is undertaken, asking how we can prove its credibility, using a criteria the secular world can understand.   file_image.cmp

BIB-QUR: "THE BIBLE VERSUS THE QUR'AN": An historical comparative between the Bible and the Qur'an, using manuscript, documentary, and archaeological analysis for both.   file_image.cmp

GODEXSTS: "DOES GOD EXIST?": A rebuttal which describes how we can answer those who do not believe that God exists.   file_image.cmp

HERM-KEY: "THE HERMENEUTICAL KEY": An analysis of 13 areas shared by both Islam and Christianity, asking where, why and how we differ, and what the key to understanding these differences are.   file_image.cmp

ISLAMQ&A: "ISLAMIC QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS": As the title suggests, short answers to the questions we are challenged with most often, primarily by Muslims at ‘Speaker’s Corner’.    file_image.cmp

ISL-INFO: "INTRODUCTION TO ISLAM": A quick introduction to Islam in the UK, covering areas of history, beliefs and practices, attraction, as well as problems and solutions for evangelism.   file_image.cmp

JES-PAUL: "WHO FOUNDED CHRISTIANITY JESUS VS. PAUL": A look at the agenda behind this accusation, with answers to this new challenge.   file_image.cmp

MESSIAH: "WHO IS THE MESSIAH ("Al_Masihu_Isa")?": An introduction for Muslims, who share with us this title for Jesus (but without any definition), and the significance of such a title.   file_image.cmp

MIRACLES: "MIRACLES": An answer to the sceptics concerning the possibility that miracles can and do happen, following on from the premise that God exists.   file_image.cmp

MTHDLGY: "THE METHODOLOGY OF EVANGELISM TODAY": A discussion concerning the need to evolve our strategies to meet the changing challenge of evangelism with Islam.   file_image.cmp

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