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These files and documents originate from Jay Smith - well-known educator and historian on Islam and the Bible.  Visit his website for more current information if you want to study further.

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KHILAFA: "THE KHILAFA VS. THE KINGDOM OF GOD": A look at the problems Muslims have finding, let alone defining an Islamic kingdom or state, with a look at the alternative Christianity can offer.    file_image.cmp

MUHAMMAD: "MUHAMMAD": An internal look at the prophet Muhammad, assuming that the Muslim traditions are correct, asking how we then as Christians assess him as a prophet?   file_image.cmp

MUH-BIO: "TRENDS IN BIOGRAPHIES OF MUHAMMAD": A synopsis of the debate on Muhammad's biography, especially as it impinges on the current setting.   file_image.cmp

OTHRFATH: "CHRISTIAN APPROACHES TO OTHER FAITHS": A look at what the different faiths claim, how Christianity stands against them, and critiques them.   file_image.cmp

QUR’AN: "THE QUR'AN": An internal analysis of the Qur'an, assuming that the Muslim traditions are correct, critiquing the claims made for it by Muslims, and asking how we then as Christians can assess it?   file_image.cmp

QURCONTR: "THE ABROGATION OF QUR’ANIC VERSES" A look at the problem of abrogation in the Qur’an, zeroing in on fifty internal contradictions to highlight the dilemma.    file_image.cmp

QUR-CRIT: "THE AUTHORITY OF THE QUR’AN" Here we take the internal claims of the Qur’an, and external historical difficulties and critique them (in note form.).   file_image.cmp

QURERROR: "ERRORS FOUND WITHIN THE QUR’AN" As the title suggests, a cursory look at a number of scientific and historical errors which exist in the Qur’an.   file_image.cmp

QUR-HIST: "IS THE QUR'AN THE WORD OF GOD?": An external, historical/critical analysis of the Qur'an, and the prophet Muhammad, assessing the historical evidence at our disposal.    file_image.cmp

RESSRCTN: "THE EVIDENCE FOR THE RESURRECTION": An apologetical paper which looks at the significance and evidence we now have for the historicity of the resurrection.   file_image.cmp

SOC-GNDA: "THE SOCIAL ATTRACTION OF ISLAM AND A CHRISTIAN RESPONSE": A critical assessment of the social agenda attracting people to Islam today.   file_image.cmp

TRINITY: "BELIEF IN ONE GOD": A description, definition, and defence of the Biblical view on the Trinity, followed by answering many of the accusations Muslims pose to this doctrine.   file_image.cmp

VIRGIN: "THE VIRGIN BIRTH OF JESUS, AND ITS SIGNIFICANCE": Describing the significance of the Virgin birth, a belief which Islam shares with us, though with little understanding.    file_image.cmp

WHYISLAM: "ISLAM-THE LAST GREAT FRONTIER" A Biblical study (taken from Romans 15) of why we need to go to the Muslim world, where we need to go, and how we should go about it.    file_image.cmp

WITNS-CH: "WITNESSING AS CHRISTIANS": An overview of the many different strategies we can use in our witness, pointing out their pros and cons.   file_image.cmp

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