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We have found several documents and news stories (old and new) on the internet and have compiled a list for you to download these and review them.

Anyone having newer or corrective documents are asked to submit those to us to have available here for our members to download.

If you wish to submit articles, we welcome ALL submittals.


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Farewell to Islam - a new book by Saiid Rabiipour

English - Arabic Dictionary  Words:  file_image.cmp         

Hafez al-Assad - linkable article on the late Syrian President:  file_image.cmp

Hafex al-Assad - short - linkable article on the late President: file_image.cmp

Alouites - linkable article:  file_image.cmp

Alawites - History and Background - linkable article:   file_image.cmp

Alawites - compiled Word - 2 documents: #1file_image.cmp #2file_image.cmp

Alawism - an updated article in the Encyclopedia Wikipedia.  (link to article)

Alawites - Encyclopedia of the Orient - article:   file_image.cmp

Alevi - linkable encyclopedic article:  file_image.cmp

Ismali - linkable article:  file_image.cmp

Shia Imam - linkable article:  file_image.cmp

Old news article - Syrian/Iraqi Border:  file_image.cmp

If you wish to submit articles, we welcome ALL submittals.

SUBMITTED INFORMATION from other members

"WHO IS THE MESSIAH ("Al_Masihu_Isa")?":     file_image.cmp


"BELIEF IN ONE GOD":        file_image.cmp

Why I believe in Yahweh - the GOD of Ibrahim:     file_image.cmp