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One reader's comments:

Muhammad, is he a prophet of God or not?
The answer could be yes and no based on the quran, other scriptures, and life of Muhammad.
1) When Muhammad was approached by gabriel and asked him to recite that there is One God, the mission of Muhammad was to go to the people of Mecca where they were holding 360 dieties and inform them that what they were worshipping was wrong and they must repent and turn from false gods to One true God.
2) This is the exact message that has been passed down through the scriptures and corresponds with the messages in the Bible, Torah and Injil. In addition, To even have a better understanding of what took place when Muhammad came to power, He went straight to Mecca to proclaim that same message he received years prior to that event.
3) Did he go to a christian church to deny what and how they were worshipping? No
4) Did he go to a jewish temple to accuse them of worshipping a wrong God? No
Up to this point he was following a message that has been from the beginning.

5) Then suddenly something went wrong:
In the seventh century, an Arabian named Mohammad claimed to have revelations from God, which ultimately gave rise to the Quran and the faith of Islam. Mohammad claimed that this fait was the final revelation of God, though he recognized the genuineness of earlier revelations given through Moses and Jesus, both of whom he considered great prophets. He enforced this new faith through the power of the sword, and eventually conquered many of the lands that had been largely Christian. These events eventually led to the Crusades of the 11th through the 13th centuries.