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  Isa - a Liar?
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Even though Isa was born a Jew and taught Jewish religious concepts, the Jewish religious leaders refused to accept him and his teachings.

Isa spoke the people in the Temple at Jerusalem, why did the Jewish Leaders allow him to do that if they didn't agree with his teachings?

Isa also spoke to the people at their level - in the synagogues all around Judah, Israel, and the sea of Gallilee.  Is what he said truth or not?

Isa's followers became great in number - sometimes more than 15,000 to 20,000 people would listen to him for hours upon hours.  Was what he was telling the truth?

Have you read about Isa and wondered about such ideas?

What do you think the answers might be for some of these questions?

Let us just look at the true history of this man named Isa and what actual history tells about him as well as what others have said.

First, let us find that Muhammad knew about Isa and talked about him.  Where did he get his information that he recited to his followers?  He said that Gabriel came to him directly and gave him his revelations.  But, beyond any doubt, Muhammad also gained great knowledge and information through his travels as a trader and merchant in the Middle East.  Having started his business when he was young, he traveled amongst the peoples of Arabia and other nearby countries doing business.  And, in that time of history, it was more than a common practice to sit around a table or fire and tell stories, listen to others tell stories, and asking questions about things they had heard in other cities and places where they had visited.

Surely, Muhammad was the same way.  And, this would only help him understand more of what Gabriel was trying to tell him when he saw his visions. 

So, when Muhammad recited what he knew about Isa, he was telling what he knew and understood about this great prophet. 

But, was Isa such a great prophet?  As Muhammad recited his stories, he told his followers that Isa was one of the greatest prophets; yet, Isa said things that - if we said they were not true - then Isa would have to be the least of the prophets - not the greatest.  And, if we say that because Isa's followers must have changed the truth to make it look like Isa was such a great prophet, then Isa could not have been so great - since the stories that his followers wrote about much be false!

So, what do we believe?  Isa truly said what was reported OR Isa didn't say those things because they were falsely reported.  And, then how much that was known or told about Isa was true at all?  Perhaps none? Or, could it be that ALL was true and no false reporting was made by anyone at that time?

Arguments that the time between when Isa was alive and when the stories were written was far too long for the information to be true and accurate.

WAIT!  Some of the writings only were about 15 to 20 years after Isa was alive.  That is better than the writings we have of other people and events before and after Isa's life.  In fact, the oldest manuscripts that matches perfectly the manuscripts dated even later was written by the men that say and witnessed Isa's life and all the events in his life.

That is far better than the manuscripts we have of the Quran and the life of Muhammad.  The oldest known manuscript of the Quran has been dated to have been written somewhere around 250 years AFTER Muhammad died.  How many errors could have found their way into this manuscript since all previous manuscripts had been burned, lost, or destroyed by that time.

Therefore, we have to look at the stories told about Isa by these men that knew him personally.

Isa said he was virgin born - a well documented fact even by Josephus (the historian).  No one else in history can prove they were born of a virgin.  That fact alone makes Isa a great prophet and honored by God (Yahweh). 

He said that he and the Father (Yahweh) were one and the same.  If that one statement were true, then he would be the greatest of all prophets.  If not true, then he just made himself the least of all prophets and ALL the others things he said and taught cannot be trusted.  We can't have it both ways - he was either the greatest prophete or the least prophet.  And, Muhammad is reported to have said that Isa was the greatest prophet.

In the Injil, the book of the Acts of the Apostles, Isa proved to his followers that he had been the person on the cross and that he was now alive - having been raised from the dead by God (Yahweh), was walking around, talking with the people, eating food, and proving that he was the fulfilling the prophetic scriptures of the Old Testament.  Was he lying here or was he telling the truth? 

Again, remember that the person writing this book was an eye-witness to all these events.  Would he write these things, then defend his writings, even to the point of death?  --- especially if they were NOT THE TRUTH?  No, he would have recanted his story to save his own life - had they been lies.  But, instead, he stood by his story until he was killed for these teachings.

Another thing to look at.  Isa said that we would be held by the leaders of Israel, tortured and beaten, hung on a cross until dead, and then raised from the dead in 3 days.  And, according to history, all these things came to pass exactly as Isa had foretold.

The definition of a true prophet is that whatever he says will come to pass actually comes to pass.  In other words, he tells about events in the future and those events actually happen.  Isa did that.  Everything he said as a future event DID HAPPEN.  That means he didn't lie about it; and it means that the other things he said and taught must be the truth, also.

This makes him a GREAT PROPHET; and according to Muhammad, the GREATEST PROPHET !  And, since Isa said he was born of God (Yahweh) by the act of God (Yahweh), as the Son of God (Yahweh), then he truly must be the Son of God (Yahweh)- because he always told the truth or else he never told the truth.

Which is it?  Was he the Son of God (Yahweh) as he said or was he a liar and a False Prophet?  If he was a false prophet, did why did Muhammad call him the greatest prophet and told us to look for Isa's return to earth in the last days?  Was Isa truthful or did Muhammad make a mistake about Isa's true nature and teachings?



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