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Why Believe in Yehweh? 
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This article was submitted by a visitor to this website.  We believe it to be thought provoking.

Why I believe in Yehweh/Jehovah, the GOD of Ibrahim


In the Qu'ran, " "2.130":    And who forsakes the religion of Ibrahim but he who makes himself a fool, and most certainly We chose him in this world, and in the hereafter he is most surely among the righteous."...


The God of Ibrahim (whom Ibrahim called by name: Yahweh, [ translated into English as: Jehovah ]), chose Ibrahim to be a Prophet, Priest, and Leader of his people [ that is, the people that Yahweh would choose to be born to Ibrahim - who would believe and follow Yehweh (Jehovah) ].  Ibrahim put all his faith in Yahweh and Yahweh blessed Ibrahim and honored His covenant with Ibrahim - promising a chosen son to be born through Sarah, Ibrahim's wife.


Throughout all the Holy Scriptures (the Torah), where we learn about Yahweh, Ibrahim, and his people that have been true to follow the teachings and commandments of Yehweh, we find that to be submitted to Yehweh brings its own rewards by this personal and ever-present Yahweh that visited and talked with Ibrahim and other prophets down through the ages.  He was - AND IS - a very personal, present Yahweh.


The Yahweh of Ibrahim was a personal God.  Not a god so far removed from Ibrahim that He did not know what Ibrahim was doing or thinking. This Yahweh was concerned about His people and how they were being treated and taken care of.  Only when they departed from His laws and His commandments did they have to be punished and disciplined; and, that was to bring them back to their senses so that they would again believe and follow Yahweh's commandments.


A personal Yahweh that knows who I am, what He wants me to do, lets me know what to do, guides my path as I do it, and tells me exactly what my rewards will be is that same Yahweh that Ibrahim knew and followed.  Ibrahim was a true Muslim in its truest meaning.  He was totally submitted to Yahweh. 


Yahweh is the GOD I want to believe in, trust in, be in fellowship with, pray to (knowing that He hears my prayers and will answer my prayers because He cares and is a "personal" GOD), and I know what my reward will be in the final outcome of this life because He has shown His plans through the Holy Scriptures.


He tells me that my full trust in Him, believing that His Son, Isa, died on the cross for ALL MEN's SINS, was buried, and, then, rose from the grave as the only Perfect Sacrificial Lamb for man's redemption as the ONLY way to eternal life with Him in His heaven.  He knows who I am; and, I know who He is.  I talk with Him throughout the day; and, I know He cares what happens to me and my family.  He is NOT just another 'god'.  He is the one and ONLY GOD - Yahweh !


Having the assurance of His salvation, and the comfort of that assurance, allows me to be and stay submitted to Him by my willingly-made choices.  I have accepted His FREE gift of salvation.  My works are not a method to measure my salvation at the end of life's journey but they are a measure of the rewards that I will be given by my GOD, Yahweh, at that time.  My works DO NOT gain me eternal life - only my acceptance of Isa's FREE gift can I gain eternal life with Him.


Why do I believe in Yahweh?  Because He has proven to me that He IS! and Who He IS!


Why do I accept Isa as the ONLY way of salvation?  Because he proved Who He IS! by having the prophets of old to foretell of His coming - which Isa fulfilled COMPLETELY through His life, death, and resurrection.  And, then told us how to accept His FREE gift.


Faith is believing and trusting in the TRUTH.  Isa is the TRUTH, the Way, and the Life.  No one comes to the Father (Yahweh) GOD except through Him (Isa).  NO ONE !!!!


Do I know what happens to me after I die?  I DO !!  I have no question as to whether I go to Heaven or Hell - I have that assurance through the Words of Yahweh in His Holy Scriptures.  There is no guess work on my part.  Yahweh has made His Words known to all that want to know the Truth and follow His plan of Salvation. 


And, what is His plan?  That all you have to do to get Eternal Life in Heaven is to believe one simple plan of Salvation:  "Believe that Isa died on the cross for ALL men's sins, was buried, and then rose again from the dead so that everyone that believes this TRUTH will be saved, thus accepting Him as your Lord and Saviour." 


So simple that fools will not believe and will be lost.  ABC's of Salvation Alawite Resource Center 


So simple that even children will believe and be saved.


I know where my eternity will be spent.  Do you?

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