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These files and documents originate from Jay Smith - well-known educator and historian on Islam and the Bible.  Visit his website for more current information if you want to study further.

These particular files are from a seminar in 2002 held by Jay Smith.  Some information is now more current than what is in these documents.

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BIB-QURout.rtf   file_image.cmp

ChrsVsRelOut.rtf    file_image.cmp

HKoutln.doc     file_image.cmp

ISLINFO.doc    file_image.cmp

Isl-Q&A.doc     file_image.cmp

IslamUK.rtf    file_image.cmp

IslamWEST.rtf    file_image.cmp

Jesus in the Quran.doc    file_image.cmp

KhilCrt.doc     file_image.cmp

MUH-out.doc     file_image.cmp

Trinity-Apr2001.rtf    file_image.cmp

WhyApol.doc    file_image.cmp

WorldView.doc     file_image.cmp

mthdout.doc    file_image.cmp

new methodology.doc   file_image.cmp

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